「KANSEIの価値は重さのない価値。 KANSEI DESIGNでモノの関係性を変えると、 新しい価値が生まれる。」 吉長成恭

Haruyuki Yoshinaga / Chairperson

Hiroshima International University, Graduate School of Business Management (MBA) Guest Professor. Doctor of Medicine, Master of Commerce.
Cranial neurologist, Chinese medicine specialist, industrial physician.
An expert of KANSEI Design Marketing, Yoshinaga is Chairman of the Japan Horticulture Well-Being Association. Author of Horticultural Therapy, Engei Fukushi Nyumon (Beginner’s Guide to Horticultural Well-Being), Takibi Taizen (A Complete Work on Bonfires) (Soshinsha), Clinical Governance (Japan Medical Planning), Iryo Keiei Gairon (Medical Management Outline) (Japan Medical Management Practice Association) among others.

「アートには自由を、サイエンスには哲学を。ビジネスには感性が必要な時代。」柳川 舞

Mai Yanagawa / Vice Chairperson
Research Director

KPC Kansei Design Research Director, CEO of NEKIRIKI Production Co., Ltd.
Graduate of University of Melbourne Arts and Humanities Department (Language and Linguistics), University of Sydney Postgraduate School Economics Department, and Hiroshima International University Graduate School of Psychology Science Kansei Design. After working as a commercial attaché at the Australian Embassy in Japan, inviting Australian corporations and directing joint projects in the country, Yanagawa opened the Japan subsidiary of an overseas scent space design company, where she led numerous scent branding projects for corporations and public spaces. Continuing her olfactory and Kansei Engineering studies with a doctoral degree at Chuo University Department of Science and Engineering. Yanagawa is a former professional featherweight division boxer and professional kickboxer.

「本質的な価値が問われる時代だからこそ、全てのモノ・コトデザインに感性が必要。それは、“人に寄り添う”ということ。」 榎本誠也

Seiya Enomoto / Board of Directors

JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporation
Executive Producer of Entertainment Lab
STRESS-OFF ALLIANCE (General Incorporated Association) Board of Directors
Born in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto. Enomoto began playing numerous instruments as a child, which grew into a passion for music of all genres and playing in a band. Inspired by sounds in a forest, he has developed research in the reproduction of natural environment sounds in architectural spaces and its effects on people, promoting the concept of “spatial acoustics design”. He launched a business utilizing “high-resolution natural sounds”, introducing the acoustic solution product “KooNe” in 2013. He has incorporated the system into high-stress environments to enhance relaxation.

「感性デザインとは、直感に響いた事を五感を使って表現する『心の目』の作業である。」 宮内 智

Satoshi Miyauchi / Board of Directors

Founder of Design Office LINE Co., Ltd.
Born in Kanoya, Kagoshima. Moved to Tokyo after graduating Kagoshima Prefectural Technical High School (Industrial Arts Department). Miyauchi joined Takashimaya Co., Ltd. and worked in the interior design room. He moved to Space Co., Ltd. to further immerse himself in design projects, launching a large commercial shopping complex beginning with the concept. Seeking an environment that allowed full expression as a designer, he and four other architectural designers began Planning Five in Harajuku in 1980. He founded his own company Design Office LINE in 1998, specializing in the architectural and interior design of homes, apartments and commercial spaces. His specialty lies in the European Classic style. In 2001, a large residential complex project featuring Japan’s four seasons led him to shift his attention to creating spaces that demonstrate Japanese sensibilities. Using materials and techniques that have been passed down in Japan for centuries, he turned his focus to moveable architecture constructed with paper textiles.

「感性で思いやりを、デザインには美しさを。」宮内 翔

Sho Miyauchi / Auditor

President of KANSEI Design & Co.
President of Design Office LINE.
Born in Shibuya, Tokyo. Graduated in business management from Azusa Pacific University. Miyauchi worked in overseas sales for a domestic automobile manufacturer before becoming President of Design Office LINE. He produces events and designs interiors, and in 2017 launched KANSEI Design & Co., specializing in KANSEI Design and consulting with a focus on sustainability.

「感性で思いやりを、デザインには美しさを。」宮内 翔

長町 三生/特別顧問

1970年のはじめに「感性工学」を創設し、シャープの冷蔵庫、Mazda,MX5,コマツの45t ショベルカー、ワコールのブラジャー(Good-Up Bra)、Boeing 787(インテリア―設計)、海外でもP&Gのパンツ、Nestleのチョコレート、近々ではM社のレディース用ドライバーなど、今日まで約70種類を超える感性新商品の開発に成功した。2012年瑞宝中綬章、2015年国際人間工学会から「世界一人間工学者第1号」受賞。出版書籍は105冊に至る。

Oliver Heath

Brighton / UK

Oliver Heath is an Architectural and Interior Designer and a recognized global expert in Biophilic Design. His work is expressed in number of mediums including the built environment, writing and the media; having worked for a number of television channels including BBC, ITV channel 4 and the National Geographic channel. His last book Urban Eco Chic (Quadrille) sold over 30,000 copies in 6 languages. He has acted as a spokesperson for the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and is currently a Biophilic Design Ambassador for Interface.


中沢美佐子(Misako Nakazawa)

Tokyo / Japan

平成24年12月㈱CUISINE KINGDOMを設立。月刊誌「料理王国」の発行人として、マーケティングを生かした様々なイベントや商品開発等、俯瞰的に「食」のプロデュースを行う。令和元年7月に代表取締役を退任し、相談役に就任。

並木 恵祐(Keisuke Namiki)

Yokohama / Japan

合同会社INsソリューションズ 代表社員
一般社団法人 多古町古民家活用ぽんぽこ推進協議会 代表理事
学校法人岩崎学園情報科学専門学校 非常勤講師