A warm eye and genuine interest invigorate local regions with art

Based in her hometown of Sendai, Yumi Yoshikawa produces a multitude of projects and initiatives aimed at revitalizing communities in the Tohoku region. For over 25 years, she has produced art, music and theatrical performances and events from the viewpoint of local residents. Our conversation with Yoshikawa led us to understand her ability to pick up on the larger needs of society through day-to-day communication with the local townspeople. Her work and passion for regional revitalization transcend genres. We bring you the interview in two parts for a closer look at Yoshikawa’s activities, all of which are brimming with hope of reviving the devastated areas from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


Community Design ProducerYumi Yoshikawa

Born in Sendai. Producer and Director. Yoshikawa produces and directs diverse cultural art experiences bringing industries together including tourism, town planning, education, and medical care. Yoshikawa has produced community programs at Ezuko Hall in Ogawara of Miyagi Prefecture, as well as taken on the role of Culture Creation Director at Hachinohe Portal Museum “hacchi” in Hachinohe of Aomori Prefecture. She has acted as Tourism Adviser for regions including Minamisanriku, Miyagi, where she launched the “Kiriko Project” in 2010 and children’s song-writing workshop in 2012. The “Kiriko Project” received the 2013 Tiffany Foundation Award for the Preservation of Japanese Traditional Arts and Culture in Contemporary Society. She is founder and head of DAHA Planning Work Inc., and heads the non-profit art initiative ENVISI.

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