“Talent Knows No Handicap.”
Pasona Heartful’s hiring practices teach us about happiness in the workplace.

A conversation with Pasona Heartful about their inclusive employment policies.

In accordance with the Pasona Group’s corporate mission to “maximize people’s strengths”, Pasona Heartful is dedicated to hiring people with disabilities. Based on the motto, “Talent knows no handicap”, candidates suited for office duties are appointed administrative jobs, those with artistic gifts such as painting work are hired as artists, and those who are good with their hands work in the studio. Employees are hired on a full- or part-time basis, and placed where they are best fit.

We sat down for a conversation with three women who work for Pasona Heartful’s Art Mura (Art Village) initiative. We spoke about happiness in the workplace through the employment of the disabled.


From Pasona Heartful Inc.
Tokie Aizawa: Art Mura Team / Artist Development (Photo: second from left)
Kumika Senda: Art Mura Team / Team Leader (Photo: second from right)
Sayaka Okada: Pasona Heartful Sales Team (Photo: far right)
Pasona Heartful’s activities include the following six areas: Outsourcing, Art Mura (Art Village), Art Mura Koubou (Art Village Studio), Yume Farm (Farming), Pan Koubou (Bakery), Consulting Business.
Interviewer: Mai Yanagawa / KANSEI Projects Committee Vice Chairperson / Air Aroma Japan Managing Director

そのキュレーターとなるのが、私たち、KANSEI Projects Committeeです。